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Arranged marriage VS Love Marriage

This is a difficult question to answer as different people have different opinions, perceptions and experiences. If we compare both marriages, we see that there are a few things which are good in arranged marriage then there must be few things which we find good in love marriage.

Here are a few things in comparison:

Arranged MarriageLove marriage
1. your family chose the partner for you and they compare a lot of things from financial status of the other’s  social status, family background, education etc. Mindset and thought process is neglected most of times.
2. whenever you face any issue or there is any dispute between you and your partner, your family is always there to support you & help you to resolve them.
3. you don’t enter into this bond with lots of expectations from your partner, because you know it very well that you have to adjust with this new family and your partner whether you accept it or not.
4. you expect that your in-laws will give you a lot of gifts and dowry.
5. you take time to understand each other and build trust on each-other. You don’t know much about each-other, so in the initially you don’t enjoy good level of understanding and make adjustments with lot of things.
6. you don’t worry about small and big things in life because you always have family’s support.
1.  you first love each-other and then only you make decision of marriage. You focus on mindset, understanding, attitude, behaviour, thought process, but not much on financial status and family background.
2. your family interrupt between you and your partner only when you ask them to help you out. They never take any initiative to resolve your issue by themselves.
3. as you both know each-other well, so you have a lot of expectations from each-other. You expect a lot of thing from your partner. If your partner doesn’t meet your expectations you feel frustrated.
4. you don’t have such expectations from your in-laws to give your dowry.
5. you know each-other very well. You have good level of understanding with each-other. So, from the first day of your marriage, you don’t think about adjustments, you just enjoy your understanding.
6. you plan everything and work to achieve your couple goals because you know that family support will be minimum or nil.


Its up to you to decide which is better as every one have different experiences thus have different conclusions but love marriage has a huge flaw when it comes to support from parents and family. Support is a huge factor because if you don’t experience support from family you would face difficulty in any type of marriage be it arranged or love

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