How to do NRI Marriage?

If you are planning NRI marriage in India, you are at right place. NRI marriage in Arya samaj is legal and safe. After arya samaj marriage You can register your marriage with Govt. of India at concern SDM court or Marriage Registrar office.

Who is NRI?

An Indian person residing in another country. An Indian citizen who stays abroad for employment or business or takes up a vocation outside India or who stays abroad under circumstances indicating an intention to stay there for an uncertain period, is NRI: non-resident Indian.

Who is POI?

A person of Indian Origin but a citizen of that other country when (i) he, at any time, held an Indian passport, or (ii) He or either of his parents or any of his grandparents was a citizen of India by virtue of the Constitution of India or Citizenship Act, 1955 (57 of 1955). Note: A spouse (not being a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh) of a person of Indian origin is also treated as a person of Indian origin.

Who is OCI?

An Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status can be applied for by all overseas Indians who migrated after 26th January, 1950, except those who are now settled in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those applicants who are granted OCI receive a lifelong multiple entries to India. The OCI seeks to remove the obstacle in travel to and from India and permit investments in business ventures and foster a greater sense of belonging. Privileges enjoyed by Overseas Citizens of India Lifelong visa to India for any number of visits, and for any purpose. Enjoy the same benefits as NRIs in economic, financial and educational fields except in purchase of agricultural property. Once a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) gets OCI, he is issued a registration certificate and an overseas citizen passport. This passport along with the passport of the country of which he is resident and citizen is necessary for travel to India. Exclusion from registration with the FRRO. The OCI status however does not confer any political rights, or entitle him/her to enjoy the rights extended to an Indian citizen under Article 16 of the Constitution. Persons registered as OCI cannot contest in election to either House of Parliament or state council or assembly or hold Constitutional posts such as President, Vice President, and Judge of the Supreme Court or High Courts. The OCI registration certificate, which is printed like the Indian passport, carries an OCI visa sticker on the holder�s foreign passport.

What is NRI Marriage?

Marriage between Indian woman from India and an Indian man residing in another country (NRI-nonresident Indian), either as Indian citizen or as citizen of that other country (when he would legally be a PIO-person of Indian origin) is generally called NRI marriage.

What documents are required for NRI Marriage?

  • Passport Size Photographs – four each of Marrying Persons.
  • Residential Proof (Voter Card / Passport / Ration Card / Driving License / Bank Passbook / Lease Deed / Rent Deed) of Marrying Persons.
  • Date of Birth Proof (Municipal Corporation Certificate, X th or XII th Examination Certificate, Passport, PAN Card) of Marrying Persons. If any party is divorcee Certified copy of Decree of Divorce granted by the Court. If any party is widow / widower Death Documents required for the Performance & Registration of court Marriage.
  • 2-4 witnesses with ID & Address proof along with 2 passport size photographs.