What is Arya Samaj?

Arya Samaj, (“Society of Nobles”) solid change development of present day Hinduism, established on April, 10th 1875 by Dayananda Sarasvati in Mumbai(Bombay at that time), whose point was to restore the Vedas, the most punctual Hindu sacred writings, as uncovered truth. He dismissed every later growth to the Vedas as decline at the same time, in his own translation, included much post-Vedic idea.  Contrary to some misconceptions, it is not a religion or a new sect in Hindu religion. Swami Dayanand brought together a number of concerned members of the community to eradicate the wrongs common within the Hindu Society in the 19th century.

The Arya Samaj has dependably had its biggest following in western and northern India. It is composed in nearby samajas (“social orders”) that send delegates to common samajas and to an all-India samaja. Every neighbourhood samaja chooses its own officers in an equitable way.

The Arya Samaj restricts love of murtis (pictures), creature forfeit, shraddha (ceremonies for the benefit of predecessors), constructing rank with respect to birth as opposed to upon justify, untouchability, child marriage, pilgrimages, priestly craft, and temple offerings. It maintains the reliability of the Vedas, the conventions of karma (the gathered impact of past deeds) and samsara (the procedure of death and resurrection), the sacredness of the dairy animals, the significance of the samskaras (singular holy observances), the adequacy of Vedic oblations to the fire, and projects of social change. It has attempted to advance female training and inter-caste marriage; has constructed missions, halfway houses, and homes for dowagers; has built up a system of schools and universities; and has embraced starvation alleviation and medicinal work. From its starting it was an essential factor in the development of Indian patriotism. It has been reprimanded, in any case, as excessively closed minded and activist and as having displayed a forceful narrow mindedness toward both Christianity and Islam.


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Arya Samaj mandir: https://aryasamajmandirindelhi.com/

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